Are you new to teaching or teaching a new course and want help getting started? 

Are you an experienced teacher who wants to incorporate more experiential learning or try innovations, approaches, or technologies in the classroom? 

Are you looking to have dialogue with experienced colleagues around effective teaching practices?


Consultations are when teachers meet with a center member…in strict confidence on some aspect of teaching (Lee, 2012, p.26). CTL faculty welcome opportunities to assist individuals or groups of teachers, departments, and schools. 



Research shows that consultations are one of the most impactful approaches for influencing teaching practices (Chism et al., 2012). 



Colleagues voluntarily visit us throughout the year. Contact CTL to request a free and confidential teaching consultation.



Excellent teaching is multifaceted and highly individualized making each consultation just as diverse. However a similar process for drawing priorities and providing support is typically used. Through attentive listening and powerful questioning strategies consultations tend to: 

Identify teaching strengths and learning opportunities. 

  • Frequent topics of interest include: creating a teaching philosophy and portfolio; designing a program, course, syllabus, and/or lesson; learning objectives and aligned assessments; grading policies; preparing for the first day of class; teaching a large lecture class; learning; differentiated instruction; working with struggling students; motivating students; mid-semester evaluations; analyzing and addressing student feedback; TA training; promotion and tenure; and more! 

Collect relevant information. 

  • Supportive materials may include: teacher’s impressions, syllabus, teaching materials, classroom observation, student work, student tions/feedback, etc. 

Explore research-based resources. 

Apply strategic best-practices. 

Reflect on changes in teaching practice and on the consultation process. 


Effective: For several years I have benefited from occasional participation in events organized by CTL. However, a brief series of one-on-one consultations covered a thorough review and expert feedback on the formats, teaching objectives, strategies, tactics and modes used in my undergraduate classes. These consultations have immediate effect on the courses I teach. One of my best, most efficient time investments ever.

~ Lech Muszynski, College of Forestry

New to Me: Brooke, Thank you! I learnt a lot from meeting with you, which I am slowly digesting. Thank you for all the new to me tools to bring to the ATS discussion. The example of a curriculum map is exceptionally helpful. Now I can see how the course objectives relate to the ultimate goals of the program (Agriculture is a nice example!). Cheers!

~ Jenny Hutchinson, Physics of Oceans and Atmospheres

Resourceful: There are particular teaching and cultural challenges at OSU faced by international faculty. I found CTL to be resourceful in helping me build a productive and respectful classroom environment. Brooke shared resources and demonstrated the depth and comprehensiveness of a syllabus to better communicate my teaching style, expectations, and guidelines. Teaching a large undergraduate class can be daunting and it was very helpful for me to discuss various pedagogical models with Brooke.

~ Debashis Mondal, Department of Statistics

Confidence: I was impressed with the level of personal attention I received at CTL. I inquired about resources to support my course preparation (for a small grad class and larger undergrad class). Brooke met with me multiple times and corresponded over email and phone, addressing all my specific questions and suggesting helpful new ideas. After my experience I felt much more comfortable going into my first term teaching, and I think my students will benefit as well.

~ Rebecca A. Hutchinson, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

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