While the pandemic changed the fabric of higher education and life in general, people had to find a way to keep going. Students kept learning. Teachers kept teaching. Parents kept parenting. It was not always pretty. Often it was (and is) downright exhausting. Many of us experienced lengthy periods of burnout. Many still struggle finding motivation. Human resilience shone through. Faculty and students alike got familiar with zoom, experimented with athleisure wear, and re-purposed dinner tables and laundry rooms during remote learning. What worked well? What can we learn from the last two years? WHAT KEPT YOU GOING?

Inspired by the students in Punch Through Pandemics with Psychological Science  and Jenna Goldsmith's There is no college in COVID the Bright Side Project is an effort to pull together stories of those who faced the adversities of the pandemic, highlighting diverse ways of coping. We hope this project helps people cope with the continuing challenges.

Whether increasing household plant counts, communing with nature, inviting pets to join the household, or introducing new routines, there are numerous success stories from the pandemic that need to be shared. Focusing on the experience of college students and faculty and staff in higher education, this collection underscores successful ways of coping in response to pandemic hardships. The pandemic is not over and fears and hardships still abound. We hope this collection can inspire and provide hope.

WE INVITE submissions in any form - essay, meme, flow charts, poetry, art, infographic, music, etc..  You can focus on a specific part of the pandemic, or write on all combined (multiple submissions welcome). Each submission will be reviewed by an editorial committee of staff and students who will select work aligning with our goal. Pieces for inclusion will be edited for clarity and editors will work with authors to finalize pieces for inclusion in an online public collection. A subset of pieces may be published in book form. Anonymous pieces accepted as well. Any student, faculty, or staff member from any institution is welcome to submit.

Submit your work below. There is no word minimum or maximum.  Use the prompts below to guide your reflections. Inspire !!!!    We divide submissions into four main sections to represent different stages of the pandemic: The Pivot, Remote learning, The Return, Now.  Feel free to respond to any and all of the prompts.

The Pivot: Think about the start of the pandemic (March, 2020). What were your thoughts back then when college first went online?  What were your experiences Spring 2020?  How did you adapt?  What helped you make it through that term?  SUBMIT HERE

Going Remote: Think about the 2020-21 academic year when all classes were offered remotely over zoom. What were your experiences learning that year?  How did you adapt?  What helped you make it through that year? SUBMIT HERE

The Return: In Fall 2021 we returned to campus. What was it like for you that Fall?  What were highlights of the term?  What did you not expect? What were your challenges and what helped you? SUBMIT HERE

Now: There is still uncertainty. There are signs of improvement. How do you feel about this? What skills have you gained and what have you learned about yourself that you will carry with you moving forward? SUBMIT HERE

Submission Deadline: NONE (who needs another deadline). Entries will be reviewed as they come in.  QUESTIONS?  Email: [email protected]