Learn about the resources on campus that support students and teachers with their personal, professional, and/or academic selves. The Campus Connections List is coordinated with the Campus Connections Map so you can locate all of the buildings.

Download the Campus Connections Map and the Campus Connections List.


Academic Success Center (ASC) [Wald, C5 – map coordinates]
125 Waldo Hall, (541) 737-2272
The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides support and services to help all students achieve their academic goals. ASC programs help students develop learning strategies and time management skills to excel in their coursework and stay on track to graduate.

Academic Technology | Information Services (AT) [LInC, C4 – map coordinates)
Learning Innovation Center [LINC], (541) 737-2121
Academic Technology departments include Classroom Technology services which provides instructional and presentation technology for classrooms, conference facilities, and special events. [email protected] allows the OSU community to manage a broad array of teaching and learning resources in one succinct space. Media Services produces media and instructional products for media networks, web applications, DVD distribution and television. Technical Services provides audio/video engineering support and consultation, design and installation of innovative media solutions for learning and collaboration spaces and event facilities.

ASOSU Office of Advocacy [SEC, C5 – map coordinates]
325 Student Experience Center, (541) 737-9200
The Office of Advocacy is a student service run by ASOSU and assists students with issues involving the university or university affiliates, such as financial aid, faculty misconduct, grade or residency appeals and more.

ASOSU Student Advocate [SEC, C5 – map coordinates]
290 Student Experience Center, (541) 737-8237
The ASOSU student advocate provides mentoring, professional development and strategic advice to the ASOSU executive, legislative and judicial branches. The advocate coordinates the ASOSU Internship Program, which includes coursework designed to advance student government leadership by familiarizing students with community organizing, movement-building, political identity development and tactics for addressing issues facing students.

Career Development Center [K.Ad, C6 – map coordinates]
B008 Kerr Administration Building, (541) 737-4085
The Career Development Center works to empower, support and nurture OSU students in their exploration and pursuit of lifelong career success and meaningful employment.

Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) [LInC, C4 – map coordinates]
466 Learning Innovation Center [LInC], (541) 737-2816
CTL provides a forum for teaching and learning excellence through discussions and hands-on, interactive activities. We serve OSU campuses and beyond. Our work is based on current research and best practices for effective professional development.

Computer Labs
(541) 737-8787
There are several locations on campus that offer computer services to students for general use such as Milne Computing Center, Austin Hall, College of Forestry Computing Labs and Information Commons on the main floor of the Valley Library.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) [Snel, C6 – map coordinates]
500 Snell Hall, (541) 737-2131
Committed to improving students’ lives through counseling, resources for managing stress and improving self-esteem, and mindfulness practices, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is here to help. CAPS provides individual, couple and group counseling for OSU students, as well as outreach and education to OSU.

Disability Access Services (DAS) [K.Ad, C6 – map coordinates]
A200 Kerr Administration Building, (541) 737-4098
Disability Access Services facilitates access to university programs and services for students with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation and advocacy. DAS provides support to all Oregon State University students, including on- and off-campus students and students at OSU-Cascades.

Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) [Wald, C5 – map coordinates]
337 Waldo Hall, (541) 737-3628
The Educational Opportunities Program provides a welcoming environment that supports the full development of the personal and academic potential of students who have traditionally been denied equal access to higher education. EOP services include a summer bridge program, tutoring services in the cultural resource centers and assistance through the admissions process and locating financial resources.

Faculty Media Center [Kidd, B6 – map coordinates]
100 Kidder Hall, Contact [email protected] for more information.
The Faculty Media Center (FMC) is a Do-It-Yourself learning and creation space supporting the design, development and sharing of digital media content. FMC provides easy-to-use technology, consulting services, recording studios, and educational resources to help faculty & staff create and self-publish online lectures, hybrid learning materials, tutorial & training videos, research projects, and outreach assets in support of teaching and learning at Oregon State University's Corvallis campus.

Faculty Senate [Gilk, B5 – map coordinates]
107 Gilkey Hall, (541) 737-4344
The Faculty Senate is the governing body at Oregon State University, representing faculty in all academic and administrative units. It has legislative responsibility regarding academic policies, educational standards, curricula, academic regulations, faculty welfare, and makes recommendations to University administration.

First Year Experience
(541) 737-7627
The first-year experience supports students at Oregon State through four signature areas — participate in START and Welcome Week, live on campus, work with your academic advisor to develop your educational plan and learn about yourself and OSU in U-Engage and FYE courses.

Graduate Student Success Center [MU, C5 – map coordinates]
203 Memorial Union
The Graduate Student Success Center is a unique space in the historic Memorial Union with reserved conference and lounge rooms, presentation and brainstorming tools and places to relax — like couches and a massage chair. A graduate research assistant collaborates with other graduate students to offer programming that supports student success, academic progress, professional development and interdisciplinary dialogues.

Human Services Resource Center (HSRC) [AvLg, C8 – map coordinates]
Champinefu Lodge, 1030 SW Madison Ave., (541) 737-3747
The Human Services Resource Center works to bridge students and resource agencies that help with food security. A food pantry, health insurance subsidies, emergency housing and Meal-Box, a supplemental meal plan for students in financial need.

Learning Corner [Wald, C5 – map coordinates]
(541) 737-2272
The Learning Corner is the Academic Success Center’s online resource that provides strategies and tips to help you maximize your learning and success. It also includes the science to support why these strategies and tips work.

LINC4 | Learning Innovation Center [LInC, C4 – map coordinates]
419 Learning Innovation Center [LINC], (541) 737-2816
LINC4 houses the Integrated Learning Resource Center (ILRC) and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Together they offer support in classroom pedagogy and classroom including Canvas support

Math & Statistics Learning Center [Kidd, B6 - map coordinates]
108 Kidder Hall, (541) 737-4946
The Math Learning Center offers free, drop-in tutoring and resources such as textbooks, solution manuals, graphing calculators and a computer classroom.

Office of Equal Opportunity and Access [Snel, C6 – map coordinates]
327 & 330 Snell Hall, (541) 737-3556
The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access works to promote equity, inclusion and diversity at OSU by creating a comfortable and safe community for all individuals to participate in and enjoy. The office offers trainings on a variety of equity and inclusion-related topics.

Office of International Services [UP, F6 – map coordinates]
Suite 130 University Plaza, 1600 SW Western Blvd., (541) 737-3006
This office supports international students from admissions through graduation with advising services and guidance on settling in at Oregon State. Staff are available to help you with questions and locate other services on campus, as needed.

Office of Student Life [Snel, C6 – map coordinates]
150 Snell, (541) 737-8748
Our office helps students face difficult times during college; unexpected life events, person crises, mental health struggles, academic and transitions issues.

Office of Work-Life | Academic Affairs [LINC, C4 – map coordinates]
417 Learning Innovation Center [LInC], (541) 737-4960
The Office of Work-Life aims to support and promote the ongoing development of a workplace culture supportive of personal and family life. Our office offers a variety of resources and services available to faculty and staff which often extend to spouses/partners and dependents to help balance the many aspects of your life.

Online Writing Lab (OWL)
The Online Writing Lab supports students by helping with a writing project? OWL provides Skype and written consultations for all OSU students. The OWL is open from week two of each term until the beginning of finals week.

Open Oregon State [VLib, C6 - map coordinates]
4943 Valley Library, (541) 737-9204
Open Oregon State is a unit within Ecampus that helps faculty adopt, adapt, or author open texts and course materials. They work with faculty who teach on campus, hybrid, and/or online courses.

OSU GO - International Affairs [UP, F6 – map coordinates]
Suite 290 University Plaza, 1600 SW Western Blvd., Suite 130, (541) 737-3006
OSU GO administers a wide array of international experiential learning opportunities that include study, research, and internships abroad along with a portfolio of OSU faculty-led programs. OSU GO also supports students and faculty with advising and consulting related to program design and development, travel preparation, cultural learning, and risk management.

Service Desk [Mlm, B5 – map coordinates]
201 Milne Computing Center, (541) 737-8787
Whether you're having trouble installing software, connecting to the WiFi network, or getting rid of a pesky virus on your computer, the Service Desk has qualified staff to assist you with your computer needs. It is located in Milne Computing Center.

Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center [PSHC, B5 – map coordinates]
Plageman Building, 108 SW Memorial Place, (541) 737-9355
The OSU Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center is a safe and confidential space for all university community members, including students, faculty and staff affected by different forms of violence.

Sustainability Office [OakB, F3 – map coordinates]
Office of Finance and Administration, 231 Oak Creek Bldg.
The OSU Sustainability Office exists to support OSU’s mission to promote economic, social, cultural, and environmental progress. The office fosters a culture of sustainability, enhances student competency around issues of sustainability, reduces the university’s overall environmental impact and communicates sustainability efforts to the campus community and external audiences.

Undergrad Research & Writing Studio [VLib, C6 – map coordinates]
The Valley Library, Main Floor, (541) 737-5640
The Undergrad Research & Writing Studio is a place for students to work on writing and research at any point in the process. Writing and research consultants are available to help students work through writer’s block; find information to support their ideas; brainstorm and free-write; draft and revise; and proofread and edit prior to submission. Students do not make appointments to use the space or work with a consultant.

Writing Center [VLib, C6 – map coordinates]
The Valley Library, Main Floor, (541) 737-5640
The Writing Center offers three programs in support of Oregon State University student writing: The Undergrad Research & Writing Studio, The Graduate Writing Center and The Online Writing Lab. Our peer writing tutors can help with all aspects of the writing process from brainstorming and organization to questions of grammar and usage.