The Community for the Advancement of Antiracist Instruction (CAAI) is a faculty learning community led by and for instructors and TAs and co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning and Faculty Affairs.  In spring of 2021, 15 instructors and TAs and 5 volunteer facilitators came together from colleges across campus for a four-week pilot of this new faculty learning community.  Participants' experience in the community culminated in an antiracist teaching action plan grounded in critical and inclusive pedagogies. 

CAAI invites you to view a selection of antiracist teaching action plans created by participants during our spring 2021 pilot session. In these action plans participants identified opportunities to incorporate antiracist principles into their teaching practices focusing on an area of their teaching in which they felt they could make an impact through implementing change.

Amanda Blaisdell

Andrea Allen

Lori McGraw

Antiracist Action Plan PDF 

Valeri Sawiccy

Silas Towne

Liz Jones

Kelsey Emard


As seen in the following graphs generated by participants’ responses to pre and post surveys, learning community members:

·         gained confidence in their ability to talk about the impact of racism on reaching and learning;

·         gained awareness of antiracist pedagogies within their disciplines;

·         felt more capable of applying antiracist teaching practices to course design and delivery;

·         and had an increased sense of contributing to DEI efforts at OSU in a meaningful way.