Coping With Coronavirus

"How faculty members can support students in traumatic times."

The Chronicle of Higher Education

26 Tips for Working at Home (PDF)

Article "The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home - 26 Tips for Maximum Productivity" by Dean Bokhari.

Covid-19 and the Academic Parent (PDF)

Article "If there is one thing that has surprised us about social distancing and remote work in the Covid19 era, it is how exhausted we feel at the end of every single day" by Trisalyn Nelson and Jessica Early.

Anyone Else Just Barely Functioning Right Now? (PDF)

Article "Life is Strange Right now, How you feel is not" by Carolyn L. Todd.

Coping with Coronavirus - Supporting Students (PDF)

Article by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Student Parent Virtual Learning Consideration (PDF)

Article from Oregon State University Family Resource Center.