Do you have some exciting ideas for (re)designing a course? Wouldn't it be great to collaborate with colleagues to share ideas? How might you intentionally integrate the Quality Teaching (QT) Framework into your course? Join us for the Course Design Institute!


The Quality Teaching Framework

The QT Framework represents a three-year effort to define teaching excellence across OSU. Forwarded by the Advancement of Teaching, stakeholders across campus consulted the research to create a set of guiding principles accepted by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Winter, 2021.

Course Design with Quality Teaching in mind is an opportunity to design or significantly redesign a course influenced by the three Principles within the QT Framework.


Anyone can be a course designer!


To get started, please plan to bring with you a copy of, or digital access to, your current syllabus (if you have one). This is an intensive course. We will be engaging in lectures, activities, and guided independent and group work. It is expected that participants will attend both days of the institute and complete homework outside of the class time. 

  1. Construct a "backwards" outline of your course with aligned objectives assessments, and learning activities.
  2. Consider various design frameworks for meeting the needs of all students. This includes heavy emphasis on the integration of the QT Framework.
  3. Create varied assessments to support equitable and efficient learning, evaluation, grading, and providing feedback.
  4. Design learning activities that engage students in active, authentic, and relevant work.
  5. Plan to leave with your course plan, soft syllabus, and a welcome message for your students.

Meet for 2 intensive days to learn about course design on Dec. 13 and Dec. 14 | 9 AM - 4 PM | LINC 307 | Space is limited. Register quickly!

Lunch and snacks are provided.


Facilitator: Brooke Howland, Ed.D., Director of New Initiatives

Center for Teaching and Learning