Individualized Learning Pathways

CTL partners with departments and units across campus to provide professional development opportunities around teaching. Individualized Learning Pathways (ILP) feature key areas of interest and are open to all faculty and staff. ILPs are available in five key areas: 1) Course Design; 2) Creating & Sustaining Inclusive Learning Environments; 3) Teaching with Technology; 4) Social, Emotional, and Brain Based Learning; and 5) Teacher Evaluation, Promotion & Tenure.

Participants in New2OSU build their own 30-hour curriculum during their second term picking from ILPs relating to their preferences.


Please check the ILP program pages for updates about online/remote offerings due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Select a category below to view ILP options:

Time Commitment Date Format ILP Option
24 hours

Dates TBD

Face-to-Face or Online
3 Day Course Design Institute (CDI)
10 hours 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29 & 11/5 Face-to-Face or Zoom WIC Seminar
30+ hours Spring Term, Register by 4/4 Online AHE 531 Instructional Design 


Course Design Institute

Time Commitment Date Format ILP Option
4 hours Dates vary Face-to-Face SJEI Session One
4 hours Dates vary Face-to-Face SJEI Session Two
  TBD Face-to-Face Dialogue Facilitation Lab 
9 hours Winter Term 2020
Tuesdays, Week 4-8 
Face-to-Face Black Minds Matter
1 hour Open Enrollment Online DAS Faculty Training
30+ hours Fall Term, Register by 10/6 Online AHE 549 Ethical and Professional Issues 
30+ hours Summer Term, Registration Dates Vary Online AHE 534 Organization and Systems Theory 
1 hour Open Enrollment Online Read, Reflect, Reform- POC Student Discussion on Race & Racism
2 Hours Open Enrollment Online

Are You In(clusive)? Read, Reflect, Reform- Teaching About Race & Racism in the College Classroom Book Discussion

      Undergraduate Student Success Summit (Coming Soon)
      Including and Supporting LGBTQIA+ Students in the Classroom (Diversity & Cultural Engagement) (Coming Soon)
      Including and Supporting International and Emerging Bilingual Students in the Classroom (Coming Soon)
      Teaching with DAS in Mind (Coming Soon)
Time Commitment Date Format ILP Option
20 hours Each Term - Weeks 1-10 Zoom meetings
and online via Canvas

Blended Faculty Learning Community (see most recent Call for Proposals)

15-20 hours Every Term Week 2-5 Asynchronous,
online via Canvas
Redesigning an Online Course ROC
25 hours Every Term Week 2-7 Asynchronous,
online via Canvas
Designing an Online Course DOC
20 hours 11/3-11/17 Asynchronous,
online via Canvas
9 hours Week 7 - Week 9 of Spring Term 2020 Asynchronous,
online via Canvas
Actively Engaging Students in an Online Course
1 hour 9/12 OR 9/20 Face-to-Face Canvas Facilitator Training
3 hours Open Enrollment Remote Face-to-Face

Introduction to Top Hat

30+ hours Offered every term, Registration Dates Vary Online AHE 522, 523, 524, 525 Instructional Technology Series
5 hours Open Enrollment Asynchronous,
online via Canvas
Designing and Teaching an Effective Remote/Blended Course
2 hours Open Enrollment Online Engaging Students in Remote Lectures
1 hour Online, open enrollment Online Blending Your Teaching with Instructional Media

Ecampus Faculty Forum (Coming Soon)

Time Commitment Date Format ILP Option
30+ hours  Winter Term, Register by 1/10 Online AHE 533 Needs Assessment and Research 
30+ hours  Summer Term, Reigstration Dates Vary Online AHE 547 Instructional Strategies for Adult Learners 
30+ hours  Fall Term, Register by 10/6 Online AHE 553 Adult Learning and Development 
30+ hours  Spring Term, Register by 4/4 Online AHE 567 Leadership and Human Relations 
      Outreach, Engaged, & Experiential Scholarship (Coming Soon) 
Time Commitment Date Format ILP Option
1.5 hours 01/07/21 Face-to-Face Progressing Toward Promotion and Tenure Workshop
Up to 11 hours Most Thursdays Face-to-Face TRIAD Club
Hours vary  Ongoing  Podcast Research in Action Podcast
30+ hours Winter Term, Register by 1/10 Online AHE 532 Program Evaluation 
15 hours See registration for dates Face-to-Face Search Advocate Training