Megan Mobley

Senior Instructor I
[email protected]

Office: 541-737-5751

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Meg's goal as the Blended Learning Faculty fellow is to boost colleagues' confidence in blending online and face-to-face approaches in ways that enrich both the teaching and the learning experiences. Meg brings experience in face-to-face, hybrid, and Ecampus instruction, and particular interest in responsive and interactive approaches - collecting and responding to data on student engagement, needs and interests; and developing interactive, student-led, and project-based learning activities. She looks forward to applying some of these same approaches to addressing challenges that colleagues face in their own teaching.

Meg grew up on an eastern Montana cattle rance, earned a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and Ph.D. in Ecology from Duke University, and completed a post-doc at the University of Wyoming before coming to OSU.

Beyond OSU
Personal Interests: 

Meg is an ecosystem ecologist, and the key idea that excites her about studying and teaching soil science is that soil is the hub of the ecosystem. Virtually every ecological process depends on healthy, functioning soil, yet we humans are destroying it incredibly quickly. Soil is both endlessly fascinating due to the complexity of process and interactions that are happening in it, AND it is critically important and endangered by EVERYONE can do something about it if they so choose. Meg c hose teaching to help others understand their interdependence with the natural world around them. The added bonus is that she gets to never stop learning - about soils and ecology AND about teaching and learning.