Are you seeking informal conversations about Quality Teaching (QT) with your colleagues? Did you know casual discussions with peers result in the largest amount of knowledge shared and can greatly impact teaching development? Join us for QT Chats!


The Quality Teaching Framework

The QT Framework represents a three-year effort to define teaching excellence across OSU. Forwarded by the Advancement of Teaching, stakeholders across campus consulted the research to create a set of guiding principles accepted by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Winter, 2021.

QT Chats is an opportunity to share pedagogical tips and resources; stories and reflections; and challenges and successes within a safe environment with like-minded colleagues - colleagues who are interested in communal advancement of quality teaching.


Casual conversations can be invaluable for anyone who teaches. And especially for those new(er) to teaching. QT Chats invites anyone (faculty, GTAs/GRAs) who wished to participate.


The LINC Lounge is set up with couches, tables, and chairs. It is a cozy space to engage with others. Feel free to bring your lunch or enjoy the provided snacks and beverages.

To participate, it is not required to register or attend every session. Join us when you can.


Besides being fun, you ask?

  1. Casual conversations in higher education are difficult to find in back-to-back Zoom or Teams meetings.
  2. Casual conversations provide opportunities to bond, maintain trust, build collegiality, exchange humility, celebrate, and creates a safe space to ask questions.
  3. Phatic communication focuses on social connection rather than on the delivery of content (Methot et al. 2020).
  4. Studies hypothesize that faculty social interactions may directly influence change in teaching in higher education (Andrews, et al., 2016; Henderson et al., 2019; Kezar, 2014; Quardokus & Henderson; 2015).
  5. Casual conversations provide opportunities for authentic professional learning in that faculty apply what they are learning in classroom (Webster-Wright, 2010).
  6. Faculty who engage in knowledge sharing are more likely to converse with those who report using innovative teaching practices (Lane et al., 2020; McConnell et al., 2019).


We will meet in the Learning Innovation Center (LINC) Lounge (LINC 468) every other Tuesday, starting January 10, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. No registration required, come as you please. Snacks and beverages provided. We will see you then!

January 10, 24, February 7, 21, and March 7, 2023.

Facilitator: Brooke Howland, Ed.D., Director of New Initiatives

The Center for Teaching and Learning