Want to know more about the Quality Teaching (QT) Framework?  
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The Quality Teaching Framework

The QT Framework represents a three-year effort to define teaching excellence across OSU. Forwarded by the Advancement of Teaching, stakeholders across campus consulted the research to create a set of guiding principles accepted by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Winter, 2021.

QT Talks focuses on the research, pedagogical approaches, exemplars, and/or ways to integrate these three principles and their twelve sub-principles into your teaching.



QT Talks is open to anyone currently teaching or is hoping to teach in the future. This may include faculty, GTAs and GRAs. Administrators and/or department supervisors and deans may also find the content relevant for exploring the newly adopted QT Framework.



It is hard to believe there is more, but there is! Here are five more reasons you should join us!

  1. Learn to teach with purposeful, intentional, and reflective integration of the QT Framework.
  2. Earn a digital micro-badge to document your professional development - perhaps supporting your promotion and/or tenure. To earn a badge: 1) attend at least two sessions for each principles; 2) complete the evaluation form for each session you attend; and 3) notify CTL! That's it folks!
  3. Have carved out time specifically dedicated to supporting your teaching development.
  4. Connect with colleagues across disciplines.
  5. With each Talk being aligned to the QT Framework and SLEs, identify which sessions to attend based on the outcomes of our SLEs.


Prior to Session:

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After Session:

Often, sessions will have accompanying handouts, materials, slides, and/or resources. Please visit the Box folder to access these materials.

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Complete the evaluation form. This will assist us in tracking your attendance and provide feedback for both CTL and the presenter(s).

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You may also view many of our past sessions, mostly from Tuesday Teaching and Tech Talks.

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Each term, three QT Talks will be offered on Tuesdays from 11:00 am to 11:50 am. Highlighting one principle from the QT Framework per session, discussions will focus on ways to bring the principles into your teaching.

Week 3 (Principle 1), Week 5 (Principle 2), Week 7 (Principle 3)

We will see you in LINC 414!

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Download the 2022-2023 schedule as a PDF or view it below.


Fall Sessions

Welcoming LGBTQ+ Students: intentionally inclusive language in the classroom

10/11 | 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM | LINC 414 or Zoom

In this presentation, we will discuss LGBTQ+ terms appropriate for any level of prior knowledge. We will also discuss practical and easy ways to update language within the classroom and in class materials. I will present some examples that will assist in updating our language to be more welcoming to LGBTQ+ students. Presenter: Holly Zell, M.A., School of Psychological Science. See Resources

Effective Teaching: Using Evidenced-Informed Pedagogical Practices

10/25 | 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM | LINC 414 or Zoom

Higher education is packed with buzzwords for how to be an effective teacher. What does the evidence say? I will provide a core set of areas that represent effective teaching. Aligned with OSU's Quality Teaching Framework and based on a wide body of peer-reviewed publications, I shall highlight some key practices for course design and instruction that you can immediately apply to your classes. Presenter: Regan A.R. Gurung, Ph.D., Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning.  See Resources 

Peer Observations and Portfolios: Advancing Teaching Practices

11/08 | 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM | LINC 414 or Zoom

Peer Observation (PO) of teaching can be used to serve two purposes. Whether PO is implemented for evaluative or formative purpose, the overarching goal is to advance effective quality teaching that supports student learning success. Participants will discuss evidence-informed processes for leveraging evaluative and formative collaborative PO to maximize benefits to teaching and learning. Presenter: Funmi Amobi, Ed. D., Instructional Consultant and College Liaison for the Center for Teaching and Learning. See Resources

Facilitator: Brooke Howland, Ed.D., Director of New Initiatives

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