The Center for Teaching and Learning celebrates, honors, and appreciates all Oregon State University faculty and staff! Here at CTL we provide opportunities for continuous learning through on-going professional development as means to value and support faculty and their work. Shining the light on this work is at the heart of what we do. Our goal is to recognize those committed to their teaching development and to those committed to the development of others.  

Quality Teaching at OSU

The Quality Teaching Framework (QT), endorsed by the faculty senate (2021) encompasses three main goals and thirteen subsidiary indicators of QT.

A Quality Teacher is understood to:
1. Contribute to an inclusive and meaningful learning community;
Practice teaching as a discipline, and
Mentor and advise students.   

The full document is available at this link. The AoT and CTL is working on ways to foster Quality Teaching at OSU. 

Student Learning Experience (SLE) Survey

The Student Learning Experience (SLE) survey offers students and instructors the opportunity to work together to improve the quality of teaching at Oregon State University. This process was known as the electronic Student Evaluation of Teaching (eSET) from 2012-2021 and the SET from 2004-2012.

The SLE consists of a set of standard university questions that were developed in alignment with the Quality Teaching Framework adopted by the Faculty Senate in 2021. In addition to the standard questions, instructors may also opt to ask students for input on their teaching methods in a personalized fashion (own questions). After the course withdrawal deadline, students are invited via email or Canvas to begin the survey process to provide feedback on their learning experience to their instructors in a convenient and confidential manner. Following the end of the survey period and after final grades are due, reports are generated. Once this process has been completed, instructors are informed via email that reports are available. Certain administrative staff from academic departments, colleges, and campuses are also able to view reports for their specific programs.

To aid in the interpretation of responses, the Faculty Senate Advancement of Teaching Committee has drafted this document that explains how the SLE was developed and how to interpret student feedback. Greater response rates assure breadth and confidence in your students’ feedback. For helpful pointers on how to encourage student feedback, please see this document.