Teaching Across Modalities

Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks

Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks (T4) supports the development of knowledge and skills in the 1) planning of curriculum, 2) facilitation of instruction, 3) assessment of learning, and 4) use of educational technology.


All Scholars, Faculty, Staff, Instructors, Advisors, and GTAs are welcome to participate in a series of teaching workshops that introduce a wide range of pedagogical techniques and educational technology. These workshops are intended to support and celebrate the advancement of teaching excellence. The work is intended to be informative, collaborative, and fun! Participants are welcome to attend one, some, or all of the sessions. Registration is not required for any of these drop-in sessions.

The T4 schedule for 2020-2021 emphasizes teaching across modalities. Whether your course is remote, blended, on-campus only, or Ecampus these sessions have something for you! 

Live Sessions

Live (synchronous) interactive sessions via Zoom are hosted every Tuesday from 10:00-11:50 AM. Prior to attending a session, check the T4 Box folder for relevant handouts, slides, materials, and resources. When logging in, be sure to use your OSU Zoom account.

Handouts, Materials, & Resources: beav.es/BOXT4
Zoom: beav.es/ZOOMT4 *Password: CTL
Session Sign-In & Evaluation: beav.es/oGv

*Note: All T4 sessions will be recorded and may be made publicly available by CTL; no recording by other means is permitted. If you have privacy concerns, do not turn your video on, mute yourself, and feel free to change your Zoom name to a pseudonym. If you would like to ask a question privately, you may do so by addressing your chat question to the moderator only (and not to “everyone”). Additionally, chat will be used and moderated for live questions from the community, and saving of chats is enabled.

Recorded Sessions

Each T4 session will be recorded and shared on the schedule below by the following Friday. A reminder to complete the Session Sign-In & Evaluation (above) so we can track your attendance.

Non-credit Certificate

After attending eight or more workshops in this series and completing a Culminating Reflective Activity, you are eligible to earn a certificate to be used towards your professional advancement. This certificate may be used on your resume, portfolio, and/or documented towards your promotion and/or tenure. Unless you are enrolled in New2OSU, you do not need to complete all sessions in one term, rather, you may complete the series over multiple terms (or multiple years). Work at your own pace.

Download the Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks 2020-2021 Schedule as a PDF or view it below.

Click on the link of the title below to access the RECORDED session.
2020-2021 Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks | 10:00 - 11:50 AM | Zoom




Concentric Circles of Care: Teaching in Tough Times. Christina Schaaf, Work Life Coordinator & Kate Gallagher, Contemplative Studies Initiative Coordinator
Change, stress, uncertainty, loss, and social isolation impacting you and your learners? You are not alone. This talk explores practical resources and contemplative approaches to navigate the ever-changing realities we are facing.




From Teflon to Velcro: Making Content Stick. Satoris Howes, Professor, College of Business
Frustrated with blank looks from students when asked to recall previously taught material?  Learn how to present content so that it sticks in your students’ memories rather than slipping away like food on a chemical-coated frying pan.




Advancing Social Justice Education: Integrating Critical and Inclusive PedagogiesJeff Kenney, Director of Institutional Education for Diversity, Equity + Inclusion
What does it mean to practice social justice education? Interact with peers and experts to explore the distinctions and tensions between critical and inclusive pedagogies and imagine ways to grow your praxis.




Teaching Modalities & Effective Practices. Cub Kahn, CTL Blended Learning Coordinator, CTL;  Weiwei Zhang, Student Response System Program Manager, AT & Marc Cholewczynski, Assoc. Director, AT
My course modality is listed as­­­­­­­____. Now what? Learn to apply effective practices of blended and remote teaching through key pedagogy, Canvas features, and other OSU classroom technology.




Requesting, Receiving & Responding to Student Feedback. Kenton Hokanson, Instructor/Research Associate, College of Science, Tasha Galardi, Instructor, CPHHS
Do you want to know what your students are thinking? This talk will discuss how to collect fair and useful feedback from them, and how to use it to improve your classroom dynamic and course.




UDL: Designing Courses with Accessibility in Mind. Martha Smith, Director, Disability Access Services & Gabe Merrell, Director, Access and Affirmative Action, Deputy ADA Coordinator
How do you meet the needs of all learners? This talk introduces ideas to ensure course accessibility through universal design for learning (UDL) and serves as a primer for deeper dives in following weeks.




UDL: Providing Multiple Means of Representation. Daniel Powers, Instruction Designer, PACE & Raul Burriel, Information Technology Consultant, AT
How can existing OSU technologies add production value to lecture recordings, presentations, and class content? Learn how embedded audio and video, and graphic design elements increase engagement, and thereby content retention.




UDL: Providing Multiple Means of EngagementFunmi Amobi, College Liaison, CTL; Amy Hunter, FMC Multimedia Consultant, AT; & Ed Ostrander, Program Manager, AT
Can active learning exist in virtual learning environments? Yes, it can. This talk couples evidence-based instructional practices with applicable instructional media to engage learners.




UDL: Providing Multiple Means of Action & Expression and Academic integrity. Weiwei Zhang, Learning Systems Product Manager, AT; & Ashlee Foster, Instructional Design Specialist, Ecampus; Karen Watte, Director of Course Development and Training. Ecampus
Worried you can’t move beyond quizzes and exams? This talk identifies key elements in assessment design that eliminate barriers and biases to improve students’ learning and ensure academic integrity even in a virtual learning environment.




Effective Feedback: Discovering One of the Joys of Teaching and Learning. Demian Hommel, Senior Instructor 1, COEAS 
Grading got you down? Effective feedback is more than just a key element in student learning; it can also add purpose and joy to grading. Join us as we explore the who, what, where, when, why, and how of effective feedback.




Reflection and MetacognitionBrooke Howland, Assoc. Director, CTL; Kelby Hahn, Graduate Teaching Assistant, CTL & Logan Bingler, Data Reference Specialist, BIC
Excited to wrap up a tumultuous Fall term? We are too! Teaching Portfolios and CORE as a means to celebrate and support your reflective teaching success.