Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks

Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks is a series of teaching workshops that support the development of knowledge and skills in the planning of curriculum; facilitation of instruction; and assessment of learning.

All Scholars, Faculty, Staff, Instructors, Advisors, and GTAs are invited to participate in a series of teaching workshops. Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks supports the development of knowledge and skills in the 1) planning of curriculum, 2) facilitation of instruction, 3) assessment of learning, and 4) use of educational technology. Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks is entering its fourth year and is the hallmark of CTL. These workshops are intended to support and celebrate the advancement of teaching excellence. The work is intended to be supportive, formative, and voluntary (not evaluative).

You are welcome to attend one, some, or all of the sessions. If you choose to attend eight or more, you have the option of earning a certificate (non-credit) to be used on your resume, cv, or documented towards your promotion and tenure. You do not need to complete all sessions in one term, rather, you may complete the series over multiple terms (or multiple years). Work at your own pace.

If your goal is to complete eight or more sessions we ask you share with us a culminating reflective artifact. The artifact should reflect what you’ve learned in this series and how it impacted your teaching practices and your students’ learning. Upon receipt and review, you will receive a certificate of completion (non-credit) – both of which can be used in a teaching portfolio. We recommend using the T4 schedule to help you stay organized throughout this process. Now offering "non-credit" Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for those in need of OR license renewals! Be sure to confirm all state rules for requirements.

The Welcome Letter contains more information about the certificate of completion, meeting materials, and the culminating reflective activity.

The 90-minute workshops are held every Tuesday and are facilitated twice in Milam 215 from 10:00-11:50 a.m. and again at 2:00-3:50 p.m. No need to register – just come on by!

Connect to T4 online via Zoom | Contact Jeanna.Towns@oregonstate.edu for access to materials.

Download the Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks 2019-2020 Schedule as a PDF or view it below.

Fall Winter Spring Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks | Milam 215 | 10 AM or 2 PM
10/1 1/7 3/31 Teaching Philosophies & Portfolios. Join Lexi Schlosser (CTL) to learn how to use philosophies and portfolios to capture the evolution of your teaching, ideology, and accomplishments.
+Tech Talk: Learn how to use Google Sites to create your ePortfolio.
10/8 1/14 4/7 Creating Equitable & Culturally Inclusive Environments. Join Jane Waite (SJEI) for critical inquiry: Why do students experience the same classes differently? How does who we are impact the ways we teach and learn? What constitutes an equitable environment?
+Tech Talk: Learn tools for supporting Universal Design. (Gabe Merrell and Martha Smith)
10/15 1/21 4/14 Supporting Diverse Learners through Culturally Responsive Teaching. Join Jeff Kenney (OID) to explore the theory and practice of culturally responsive teaching.
+Tech Talk: Learn about polling options for small group and/or non-course settings for gathering informal feedback. (Lyn Riverstone)
10/22 1/28 4/21 Lesson Planning & Reflection. Join Funmi Amobi (CTL) to explore various approaches for effective lesson planning and reflecting on lessons.
+Tech Talk: Learn about classroom technology that facilitates “untethered teaching.” (Lyn Riverstone)
10/29 2/4 4/28 Collecting Feedback & Responsive Teaching. Join Lyn Riverstone (AT) and Kenton Hokanson (CoSci) to learn strategies for collecting, analyzing, and responding to mid-course feedback from students.
+Tech Talk: Get started with Top Hat, one of several tools useful for collecting student feedback. (Lyn Riverstone)
11/5 2/11 5/5 Cognition & Learning. Join Demian Hommel (CEOAS) to explore principles and practices from meta-studies of cognition and learning.
+Tech Talk: Learn about Story Maps, a digital storytelling platform that allows students to create amazing, elegant projects. (Demian Hommel)
11/12 2/18 5/12 “Class Time” Lectures & Active Learning. Join Inara Scott (CoB) to consider approaches to student-centered learning and presentation-style instruction during class time.
+Tech Talk: See how Kaltura’s in-video quizzing features can be used for pre- or post-lecture student support. (Tasha Biesinger or Raul Burriel)
11/19 2/25 5/19 Emotionally Intelligent Teaching. Join Shauna Tominey (HDFS) to learn about hands-on tools and strategies that can be embedded into any class to create an emotionally-supportive environment.
+Tech Talk: Visit the user-friendly media creation technologies available at the Faculty Media Center. (Ed Ostrander)
11/26 3/3 5/26 Assessing Student Work. Join Funmi Amobi (CTL) to explore the purpose of and approaches to assessing and responding to student work.
+Tech Talk: Explore Gradescope, a web app that improves the efficiency of assessing handwritten student work such as graphs, diagrams, equations, short answers etc. (Lyn Riverstone or Tasha Biesinger)
12/3 3/10 6/2 Interpreting & Responding to Course Data. Join Meg Mobley (AgSci) & Tasha Biesinger (AT) to learn what data is available in Canvas, how to access it, and how it can be used to improve your course design. Please bring your laptop with you.
+Tech Talk: A tech clinic for remembering old and/or discovering new tools! (Lyn Riverstone, Tasha Biesinger, & Raul Burriel)
12/10 3/17 6/9 Portfolios to Celebrate Success & Survival. Join Lexi Schlosser (CTL) to apply reflective practices as a catalyst to advance teaching and learning while celebrating our success and survival.
+Tech Talk: Learn about CORE and the student data you can access. (Logan Bingle)