Fall and Winter symposium sessions are typically offered in one of three durations: 50 minutes, 90 minutes and 2 hours. The degree of interaction and audience participation expected varies by session duration. The depth of learning to be accomplished varies by duration as well. In sum, the longer the session, the more sophisticated the learning to be achieved. Below are some guidelines for structuring sessions.

Duration Learning Outcomes Recommended Intraction/Activity Level
50 Minutes Remember, recognize, list, describe, identify, retrieve, name, locate, find, summarize, paraphrase, exemplify At least one opportunity to work in pairs or small groups
90 Minutes Analyze, compare, organize, apply 3-4 activities, including opportunities to connect with participants in small groups
2 Hours Create, implement, design, construct, compare, check, judge, monitor Multiple activities throughout session, from warm-up to closing, in a variety of formats, scuch as individual writing, pair and small group work, and/or enacting or producing a product

Note: Typical fall and winter session attendance is 10-20 people

Spring symposium sessions are typically 20 minutes long and are presented four times. Using a progressive family-style lunch and rotating conversations these sessions are dedicated to the showcasing of OSU’s innovative and creative teaching.

Note: Typical spring session attendance is 8-12 people

With the exception of the Spring symposium (which has limited equipment) each session can be equipped with a laptop, projector and screen. CTL will try to accomodate requests for these, as well as additional supplies. 

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