We at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) are excited to introduce you to our "We Care About Quality Teaching Campaign."

This campaign showcases how the CTL supports the OSU Quality Teaching (QT) Framework and Student Learning Experiences (SLE) instrument endorsed by the faculty senate (2021). Bookmark this page for many opportunities we offer to support and celebrate quality teaching. 

Quality Teaching (QT) Campaign for 2022/2023.
Winter 2023 CTL Programming.

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Beyond DEI Statements: Syllabus Insights from First-Generation Students

Looking to revamp your syllabus, or trying to understand how to provide clearer instructions and language to our diverse students? Join OSU's First! Committee to hear about the surprising things we learned directly from first-generation students at a Fall "break the code" event on how they interpret these class documents. Our discussion will engage participants in a review of higher ed jargon and other elements highlighted by these students as well as a big-picture discussion about the purpose of the syllabus as a communication strategy for our classrooms. Participants on Zoom and in person are encouraged to bring a syllabus to review and update during the workshop! Join us on Thursday, February 16, from 1 - 2 p.m. in LINC 414. Registration in person. Registration via Zoom.

WIC workshop: "Pedagogical Principles, Writing, and ChatGPT"

The WIC team, joined by Dr. Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez from Ecampus, will be holding the following zoom-based workshop on "Pedagogical Principles, Writing, and ChatGPT" on Friday, February 24, from 12 noon - 12:50 p.m. Facilitators: Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez, Olivia Rowland, and Sarah Tinker Perrault. This workshop will introduce pedagogical principles related to teaching writing and give participants the opportunity to think about how they can or do use these principles to design, scaffold, and respond to writing assignments. Participants will also learn about and discuss how advanced digital tools (such as ChatGPT) might or might not be useful in writing classes. To join please register.

Call for Applications - Spring '23 CAAI Faculty Learning Community: A learning community led by and for instructors and TAs

The Community for the Advancement of Antiracist instruction (CAAI) is a learning community in which instructors and TAs engage in antiracist work related to their teaching. This grassroot project was designed and will be facilitated by a team of instructors and TAs from programs across campus. The intention is to create a space where instructors and TAs have agency and are empowered to explore antiracist teaching in the community. Submit the Application by March 3. Call for application flyer.

OSU's Open Educational Resources Unit

The OERU is offering a $500 department-to-department transfer to faculty who research opportunities to adopt open-source textbooks for their Ecampus courses. Research shows that 61% of OSU students don't buy a required textbook because it's too expensive, and 93.5% have taken action to lower their overall textbook costs. This latest initiative is a great opportunity to better understand how you can find high-quality open-source materials and the process for vetting and incorporating them. This is a two-year pilot program with a rolling, quarterly deadline. Learn more on the OERU website. Questions? Contact Director Stephanie Buck


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