Whether you want to learn more about a core area of pedagogy, discuss a pedagogical challenge, or share a classroom victory, we are here for you. Explore our content using the drop down menus above. To schedule a 1-on-1 teaching consultation contact [email protected]. All meetings are confidential, and formative. While we are ready to help with general course design, and revision of assignments, assessments, and syllabi, we are also ready to engage with you on issues that develop during the term and need immediate attention.

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Fall 2021 Preparation Guides


Winter/Spring 2022 Book Club!

Join the Difference, Power, and Discrimination Program in collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning for the Winter/Spring 2022 Book Club!

Beginning in winter term, be in community with fellow educators and engage in a discussion of Transformative Approaches to Social Justice Education: Equity and Access in the College Classroom (Osei-Kofi, Boovy, & Furman, 2021). All instructors, tenure track, and professional faculty, and graduate teaching assistants welcome!  Download Flyer 

Deadline to register is January 7, 2022.


Career Champions Program

Join the Office of Academic Affairs and the Career Development Center in the winter 2022 cohort of Career Champions! Participants learn tangible ways to add more career connection in the classroom, while advancing DEI and learning more about barriers to access for students of color, low-income students, and first-generation students. Topics covered include: the hidden curriculum, NACE career competencies, imposter syndrome, the bias inherent in professionalism standards, and more.

GTA Fall 2021 Orientation

Ready to Fuel your Passion for Teaching? Check out the recording of GTA orientation designed to support ANY graduate student interested in teaching! We emphasize preparing you for your first day of class and leveraging resources from across campus to support your teaching throughout the year. We also cover topics such as classroom management and educational technology. A panel of GTAs will answer burning questions!

Intro & Timely Teaching Tips - GTA Orientation 9/15/21:

Classroom & Instructional Tech Tours - GTA Orientation 9/15/21:

Teaching Resource Lightning Talks - GTA Orientation 9/15/21:

Getting Real GTA Panel - GTA Orientation 9/15/21:

The Community for the Advancement of Antiracist Instruction (CAAI) is a faculty learning community led by and for instructors and TAs and co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning and Faculty Affairs.  In spring of 2021, 15 instructors and TAs and 5 volunteer facilitators came together from colleges across campus for a four-week pilot of this new faculty learning community.  Participants' experience in the community culminated in an antiracist teaching action plan grounded in critical and inclusive pedagogies. CAAI invites you to view participants' experience culminating in their action plan videos

Summer and Fall 2021 Workshops.

MAGNA 20-Minute Mentor Commons - Explore this library of faculty development information. Short videos, 20 minutes or less, on a variety of topics for when you are pressed for time or want new ideas quickly.

Access the CTL Library - Check out our free library for OSU faculty/staff located in the LINC 4th floor faculty lounge (Room 468). View the flyer for more information and view the list of books.

Quick References

 A full guide to Designing and Teaching an Effective Remote /Blended Course
 Infographic: Pedagogical Booster Shots
 Infographic: Assessing Group Projects 
 Infographic: Implementing Successful Collaborative Group Work
 Infographic: Motivating Students to Complete Pre-Class Reading
 Infographic: Interactive Lecturing - A Framework for Active Learning

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