Mutual Mentors Institute


This is a five-week hybrid Institute that includes in-depth approaches to and application of mentoring, with special attention focused on conducting classroom observations! Or attend a two-hour Bootcamp that introduces practical ideas for mentors who mediate reflective conversations.



In the Mutual Mentor Institute (MMI) peers, mentors and/or supervisors learn and apply proven interpersonal skills, questioning techniques, and structured conversational tools to enhance the reflective and cognitive processes of those they support. These skills may be applied in various contexts but this institute specifically focuses on conducting classroom observations.



The MMI is available to anyone interested in advancing self-directed learning through reflective dialogue. This may include faculty, GTAs/GRAs, school heads, and other supervisors. In this case, it is best if you are actively teaching or mentoring (in any modality) but those who *teach* in other contexts (i.e. consult, advise, supervise, etc.) are also welcome to participate. Please contact us for additional considerations.



With the integration of teaching benchmarks, targeted goals, collected data, and reflective conversations; classroom observations are rooted in OSU's Strategic Plan, Faculty Handbook, and Quality Teach Framework. As one of the most frequently acknowledged methods for improving teaching, peer observations have rich benefits for both the observer and observed (Huling & Resta, 2001). Research shows increases in cognitive development, job satisfaction, student learning, teaching efficacy, research production, faculty retention, and better work-life balances (Edwards, 1992; Feldman et al., 2010: Garmston & Hyerle, 1988; Mortin & Gil, 2019: Prendergast et al., 2019; and Ushijima, 1996).

Need more reasons to join?

  • Use data-based approaches to collect classroom observations

  • Develop trust and rapport with cross-curricular colleagues

  • Enhance your communication skills

  • Learn a unique but shared approach for conducting structured classroom observations

  • Practice research-based methods of collecting and analyzing teaching data

  • Investigate connections between observation data, changes in teaching practice, and professional renewal

  • Open up classrooms to share and celebrate strengths with others

  • Have dedicated time to meet and work with colleagues to reduce isolation

  • Generate material for merit reviews, professional reviews of teaching (PROTS), promotion, and tenure

  • Witness your school's commitment to the professional development of teaching

(Berk, 2006, 2014; Hattie, Masters and Birch, 2015; Marzano & Simms, 2013; Costa & Garmston, 2002; Knapper, 2001; THeall & Franklin 2001; Braskamp, 2000)



The MMI is a 5-week hybrid program where participants: 1) spend one-hour per week learning content asynchronously via Canvas; 2) practice skills face-to-face; and 3) apply the concepts learned during experiential learning opportunities.



Fall 2024 dates to be announced.