Sparkshps are 20-minute Zoom mini-workshops, which focus on small teaching interventions that instructors can apply to improve student learning. They are meant to spark conversations and the exploration of a teaching-related topic. Each Sparkshop provides an introduction to an evidence-based teaching practice, potential reasons faculty might incorporate the practice in their course, a description of how the practice can be implemented (supplemented with a guide), and an opportunity to request more information or support for implementation.



Sparkshops are perfect for all faculty, GTAs, or teaching staff interested in exploring novel strategies. Units may request a special topic Sparkshop.



Sparkshops are offered twice each Winter, and Spring term at 12 p.m. For dates and topics click on 'More Information' below.


Spring 2024 Sessions


Friday, April 19 | 12:00 - 12:20 PM - "Why aren't they using my Feedback?" Tips for developing student feedback literacy.

Looking for ways to help your students make sense of your feedback and use it to improve their learning? Attend CTL's Sparkshop to discover evidence-informed strategies to help your students become feedback literate.

Facilitator: Funmi Amobi, CTL Instructional Consultant and College Liaison



Friday, May 10 | 12:00 - 12:20 PM - "It's in the wrap." Tips for using exam wrappers to enhance students' metacognitive skills.

Want to know how to use course exams to help your students become reflective learners? Attend CTL's Sparkshop to uncover ways to use exam wrappers to promote student metacognition.

Facilitator: Funmi Amobi, CTL Instructional Consultant and College Liaison



Anonymous Feedback Resources  Recorded Sessions

Note: Sparkshop sessions are recorded and available on the CTL website the following Friday.