Teaching Guides & FAQs


The resources on this page are organized into five core areas. Self-guided courses on each area are available first. Not sure where to start? Take the CUETIP (College and University Educator Teaching Inventory and Practices), a quick pedagogical area self-test. You get a score and suggested resources.


Core Area Guides (CAG)

How do you design a course? For our CAG oncourse (re)design!

How do you assess a course? For our CAG on assessment!

What are Instructional Methods? Our CAG on instructional methods!

What is Inclusive Teaching? For our CAG on inclusive teaching!


Course Design

What are Oregon State's minimum syllabus requirements?

How do you write a warm syllabus?

What are the recommendations for creating a Hybrid Syllabus?

What are the guides for creating a diverse, inclusive, and respectful syllabus statement?

What is Transparency in Learning and Teaching: Begin with SMARTE and SMARTER Student Learning Objectives.

How do you easily create a Canvas course site that embodies effective course design practices?



Should you use untimed/open-book tests?

What is standards-based grading?

What is specifications grading?

What is mastery-based testing?

How do you assess group projects?


Instructional Methods

How do you design courses; discuss content; foster critical thinking; build community; and assess learning in a snapshot?

How do you motivate students to complete pre-class reading?

What is interactive lecturing?

How do I implement successful collaborative group work?


Inclusive Teaching

What are strategies to promote student engagement & cultivate classroom equity?



Should you allow technology in the classroom?

Should you record your lectures?

Should you provide lecture notes and slides?

Should you use a Zoom camera?


General FAQs

How do you do a Hybrid Teaching Peer Review?

How do you do an Online Teaching Peer Review?

What is a sample teaching philosophy?