Teaching Guides & FAQs


Course Design

What are Oregon State's minimum syllabus requirements?

How do you write a warm syllabus?

What are the recommendations for creating a Hybrid Syllabus?

What are the guides for creating a diverse, inclusive, and respectful syllabus statement?

What is Transparency in Learning and Teaching: Begin with SMARTE and SMARTER Student Learning Objectives.

How do you easily create a Canvas course site that embodies effective course design practices?



Should you use untimed/open-book tests?

What is standards-based grading?

What is specifications grading?

What is mastery-based testing?

How do you assess group projects?


Instructional Methods

How do you design courses; discuss content; foster critical thinking; build community; and assess learning in a snapshot?

How do you motivate students to complete pre-class reading?

What is interactive lecturing?

How do I implement successful collaborative group work?


Inclusive Teaching

What are strategies to promote student engagement & cultivate classroom equity?



Should you allow technology in the classroom?

Should you record your lectures?

Should you provide lecture notes and slides?

Should you use a Zoom camera?


General FAQs

How do you do a Hybrid Teaching Peer Review?

How do you do an Online Teaching Peer Review?

What is a sample teaching philosophy?