1-1 Consultations


Teaching is not an impromptu act nor just a content delivery mechanism. Educators want students to learn and engage in their own learning.  University faculty are content experts but may not have been trained in how best to teach, design a course, and create engaging classes.  There are a wealth of evidence-based teaching practices and core areas of the craft such as developing learning outcomes, designing assignments, assessments, in-class activities, and syllabi, encouraging group activities, motivating students, and teaching inclusively to just name a few.  While some instructors seem to have a natural ability for these skills and others have received significant training, the vast majority of college and university training has not had a chance to learn or hone these skills. 


Our staff are well versed in evidence-based pedagogical practices, but you know your disciplinary content, and your particular students in your College/Unit. Together, we can find what works best for you. Context is critical and we aim to share generative learning principles, and then work with you to best incorporate those principles into strategies tailored to your course.


The CTL offers one-on-one consultations on a wide range of pedagogical practices with the goal of having faculty who are excited to teach and whose students are excited to learn. Consultations are ideal opportunities to talk about teaching whether you have a specific issue such as how to write a warm syllabus and adjust assignments for ChatGPT, or if you want to explore more effective practices in general. We are available to meet in person, via zoom, or communicate asynchronously.


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