Blended Course Planning Forms


Two-Disc Blended Learning Mix Map

Use the mix map template to sketch out the balance of face-to-face and online learning activities, assignments, and assessments in a blended course. Then estimate the amount of time per week that students will spend on each learning activity; for example, readings (2 hours/week) or online discussion (1 hour/week). Finally, draw arrows to show connections between course components to ensure integration of the student experience in the classroom and online. The "both" section is the place to list activities that take place both in the classroom and online; for instance, discussions or group projects.



Three-Disc Blended Learning Mix Map

Does your blended course engage students in learning activities that go beyond the classroom and online environments (for example, field, clinical or service learning experiences)? If so, use the increasingly popular three-disc mix map template to visualize your course. The "other" circle is the place to list learning activities that take place principally in a place other than the classroom and the online course site.



Blended Planning Chart

Use the planning chart template to outline a blended or hybrid course. This chart prompts you to use backward design to align course learning outcomes with assessments, learning activities, and content while integrating in-class and online course learning activities.