NEW to Oregon State University?
NEW to teaching?
Looking for teaching reNEWal?

New2OSU impacts student success by accelerating the effectiveness of newer faculty and faculty looking for renewal.

Completion of the program may be used as evidence of professional development, teaching effectiveness for performance review (subject to supervisor approval), and for those seeking teaching renewal. Successful completion earns a University Teaching Certificate of Recognition (non-credit).

New2OSU partners with units across campus and uses an asynchronous, self-paced, gamified approach to support the advancement of teaching and use of educational technology. In collaborative cohorts, participants also learn about OSU's policies and practices; our teaching and learning culture; and available resources for teaching and scholarship.

At the end of the program participants will have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to build supportive, inclusive, interactive, and instructionally sound learning environments. Through readings, videos, workshops, mentoring, teaching observations, discussions, reflection, and challenging learning tasks, participants learn about and demonstrate effective teaching practices. Faculty wishing to earn the Certificate (non-credit) are asked to commit to a three-term intensive program requiring (on average) 3 hours per week and (on average) 30 hours per term.

Now offering "non-credit" Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for those in need of OR license renewals! Be sure to confirm all state rules for requirements.

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CTL is currently accepting registrants! All three pages of the application must be complete for full acceptance.

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Are you interested in becoming a Reflective Teaching Mentor?

The goals of a Reflective Teaching Mentor (RTM) are to support and forward a teacher’s thinking as they formulate their questions and advance their teaching knowledge and skills. We ask that you do classroom visits together as well as collect, analyze, and respond to their student input and data. As a Reflective Mentor we ask for a three-term commitment to partner with your mentee while they are enrolled in New2OSU.

We hope you will consider joining our team!

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Looking for a smaller commitment?

While New2OSU provides support, accountability, and additional learning opportunities, many of the programmatic elements are open to ANYONE! Even if you are not enrolled in the program, join us for any of the following!

Level 1

Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks

Campus Connections

Portfolio Creation

Reflective Teaching Mentor
(email us to get started)

Level 2

Canvas Academy

Individualized Learning Pathways

Level 3

Mutual Mentors

Level 1 Example Scope & Sequence

New2OSU is gamified and self-paced earning digital badges for completing learning activities. For example, in Level 1, each mission (assignment) gives 3 options (Launch, Fly, or Soar) where players (participants) can choose how they'd like to engage with the content. As players complete missions they earn XP (experience points). When enough XPs are earned, the player Levels Up. New2OSU is designed so participants can complete each level in one academic term. But players are welcome to progress faster or slower, moving at their own pace.