Mutual Mentors


Mutual Mentors (MM) is a term long program where trios of cross-disciplinary participants work together to learn, practice, and apply proven interpersonal skills and classroom observation techniques. Participants learn content asynchronously via Canvas; independently and collaboratively practice skills online and face-to-face; and apply the concepts during experiential learning opportunities in the field (classrooms).

Mutual Mentors is a research-based program that teaches the use of interpersonal skills, questioning techniques, and structured conversations. MM offers experiential learning opportunities to develop the skills and behaviors needed to conduct both informal (formative) and formal (summative) classroom observations and simultaneously advance Quality Teaching (QT) practices. MM is intended to be mutually empowering, supportive, formative, and voluntary (not evaluative).



Mutual Mentors is available to anyone interested in learning how to conduct classroom observations, advance reflective dialogue, and/or obtain feedback on their teaching. This may include faculty, GTAs/GRAs, school heads, and other supervisors. Although most relevant if you are actively teaching (in any modality) those who *teach* in other contexts (i.e. consult, mentor, etc.) are also welcome.

Participants earn digital badges as evidence of their learning with an eye toward their own promotion and/or tenure.



Mutual Mentors launches Week 1 of  Winter term, via Canvas. There are two face-to-face sessions (Weeks 4 and 6).